Wang Pak Choi
Title Wang of the Greatest Kingdom of Zuiguo
Reign - 463
Predecessor Unknown
Successor None (463-469)

Wang Pak Sook

Spouse Unknown
Issue Unknown
House Pak
Died bef.470

Wang Pak Choi was ruler of the Greatest Kingdom of Zuiguo during the mid-fifth century until his defeat and deposition in 463. In the 430s he led a series of attacks on the city states to the north, in which Zuiguo was repeatedly defeated thanks largely to foreign assistance for the defenders, although he did succeed in taking some valuable captives, most notably Doges Inigo and Vizini of Guilder.

The release of the Doges was negotiated by Guilder's partners in the Concordat, though Zuiguo then came under attack from the Salterri Imperium and the Kingdom of the Silver Moon, each sensing the "Greatest Kingdom" was vulnerable. In a farcical battle in Dong Bu Dosi, Zuiguo was narrowly defeated, and Pak Choi thereafter attempted to follow a Fabian strategy, but was ultimately decisively defeated in Dong Nam Dosi in 463, deposed and imprisoned, soon thereafter to die in captivity. His last desperate ploy of sending assassins to kill the leaders of the kingdoms attacking him nearly succeeded in claiming the life of Qzarina Li Tianshi, but was ultimately a failure.

Only a few years after his defeat, Dong Nam Dosi rose up in rebellion against the Kingdom of the Silver Moon under the leadership of his brother, Pak Sook, who claimed the title Wang as Pak Choi's successor.

Royal titles
Preceded by
Wang of Zuiguo
- 463

Title next held by
Pak Sook

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