Penoccident Crest
Region Number 38
Realm Salterri Heartlands
Population 69,000
Resources Cliffhorn goats, Fish
Imports Alcohol
Religion Hailings of the Silver Sea


In the midst of Penoccident, one can find the Heaven-Reaching Pillars, a unique mountainous region with several pillar-like mountain formations that rise up beyond a thousand meters. Natives have even created bridges between some of these, so that the area is traverseable. At the ground level, the forest is dense and full of wildlife, which is why the natives rarely venture there.

The Pink Lake is actually pink during the warmer seasons thanks to high amounts of algae and prawns colouring the briny water.

The rock desert covers small parts of Penoccident, but the main road to Propinlonge passes through there. Not many komola live there, and therefore connections with Propinlonge exists mainly by sea thanks to Salterri ships and ports.



Tecoumsay, a Komola

Penoccident is home to a nonhuman race of stocky, furred creatures of intelligence known as the komola. Their eyes are in front of their heads and they are more omnivorous, with mouths full of sharp front teeth, though some might liken their appearance to rabbits, which belies their ravenous nature. Komola gladly eat nearly anything, though their diet consists largely of fish, roast flower bulbs and goat custard. Among them exists great variety in shapes of their ears and tails, with many having long upright ears, but a not insignificant amount also having smaller, pointed ears. Tails come in any length and with any amount of fur or fluff, and some boast of their tails, saying that more fluff is better, a smaller tail is a sign of moral superiority, a bigger tail is a sign of strength and so on.


Penoccident has a great supply of cliffhorn goats, an omnivorous kind of goat that subsists on the weeds that prevail as the region's plantlife, as well eggs of coastal birds and fish, which is also a good resource of Penoccident. The people have strong desire for alcohol.


The sole religion in Penoccident is She-Of-Silver-Spear-And-Coin, the Lady that the Salterri worship known as the Hailings of the Silver Sea.

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