Phoenixes, also known as Tânedhan, are found in Zargrim.


These birds are the size of big parrots and have bright red feathers that always glow with a red-orange hue. Their tail feathers measure around 75 centimetres in length and seem to be on fire permanently. Strangly, these feathers only seem to burn the things the Tânedhan wants to burn.


Tânedhan primarily eat nuts and fruit, although they will occasionally catch small rodents and young mammals when they get the chance. Rarely, they will hunt and work together to take down big prey, burning vital areas to slowly wear the unfortunaly target down. This indicated a higher than average level of intelligence.


300 years, divided over five reincarnation cycles. These reincarnation cycles happen around every 60 years, but can also be delayed or occur early. A week before the reincarnation, the bird looses its glow and it grows weaker and weaker. It will not eat anymore and hide itself in a safe place. When the time has come, it flares up in a burst of bright white-orange flame, from which a young chick emerges. The chick then grows to adult size within two days, starting the cycle anew. After the fifth cycle, the bird just dies and does not burst into flame. The Tânedhan are the most long lifed animals known to the Hurosha Empire.


Tânedhan do not seem to have any natural predators and primary seem to regulate the amount of vegetation in the area. When an area becomes to densly grown with trees, they will burn away parts of it to give newer trees a chance. These fire are always carefully controlled by the birds by quenching it with sand they take with them using leaves, further demonstrating their natural intelligence and ability to use tools.

Taken from Eleljak's report on the Tânedhan, sent to the Academy in Earthhome together with a batch of eggs.


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