Once roughly every hundred years, a rare event occurs in the Jeweled Cities. The twin moons of Telluris appear in the sky very close to one another and shine very brightly. This triggers a bloom of a special kind of plankton, which fill the warm shallows. At night, the plankton glow with a gentle pink light, tumbling and rolling with the waves. It is a harmless, beautiful sight.

Local customs say it is an excellent time for romance to bloom as well- for both the young and for relationships in need of renewal.

Festival of 446Edit

The most notable festival took place in 446, when many world leaders were invited to join the celebrations. This was not merely a social gathering but reflected the peaceful settlement and end to the Quiet War which had persisted since the start of the century.

AQUA invited all the leaders of Telluris and their families to come for a vacation to the Islands for that week. It was a chance to relax, to reconnect with friends, and to enjoy themselves. There were numerous private lodges and bungalows scattered around the islands, so the vacation could be as public or private as they desire. Catamarans and dugouts were at their disposal to convey them to any location they desire.

The festival marked the first public appearane of the Nix outside their allies in the eastern Imperium, and the reappearance after some years of absence of Li Huanle.


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