Region Number 140
Realm Frost Kingdom of Maur
Population 840,000
Resources Apples


Imports Iron
Religion Sun worship

Pomequi is a region in the Frost Kingdom of Maur.


Pomequi is a lush land filled to the brim with nature. The northern reaches of it have large forests of pine trees that get covered with snow during the winter, while in the south it starts to lean towards flat plains of dirt and rock.

The Qinai tend to cluster around the lakes and watering holes throughout Pomequi, although the majority of them live in their capital city of Quintus which surrounds the large lake in the center of Pomequi, which is made out of hardy clay and stone they were able to find in the southern plains. While there was enough there to make into building materials for Quintus, it would take far too much effort to attempt to gather enough to export to foreign lands. Quintus was constructed long ago, and was made in such a way as to preserve as much nature as possible around the central lake without allowing suffering to come to the Qinai who inhabited the area.


The Qinai are the humans native to Pomequi. The Qinai revere love and peace above all, and therefore worship nature and its holy places. The hidden groves of trees, the creeks that trickle through a twilight forest, the sight of a mother bird feeding its chicks.. These are the beautiful kinds of things that a Qinai holds near and dear to their heart. And because of their reverence for life, they are vegetarians and prefer not to consume meat unless in dire circumstances.

Many Qinai prefer to roam around the northern forests in small groups as to be at the heart of nature, basking in the sunlight and offering small pine boughs to the flames in reverence of their Goddess.


The Qinai worship the Sun Goddess, Shaanis, who watches over them from above eternally and over all of the animals and plants of their land.


The apples of Pomequi are known for their crisp texture and delicious taste among all the peoples of the Ash-Kingdom. It is also used to make a delectable cider that many imbibe as a way to treat themselves after a hard day's work.

The proud Pegasi of Pomequi are an interesting race of winged equines. One must treat them with respect otherwise they will surely harm those who wish to ride them. These Pegasi particularly enjoy the native apples as sustenance.

The Qinai desire Iron as it is a strong and hardy metal, and that it would be quite useful for their people's craft in their great city of Quintus.


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