Prefecture of Wyrmar
Wyrmar Crest
Regions None
Ruler Xiu-hen Bai Lien (last)
Player NPC
Abbreviation -
Capital Unknown
Status Defunct
Former Regions Wyrmar
Sovereignty Lesser Vassal
Ruling House Xiu-hen
Liege Salterri Imperium

The Prefecture of Wyrmar is a former vassal of the Salterri Imperium, comprising the modern region of Wyrmar.


Long an individual protectorate of the Salterri Imperium the province of Wyrmar has long held a position of great importance yet little size within the Greater Imperium. The Wyrmar themselves have never expressed a desire to expand, living peaceably amidst the desert and upon the shores of the Caercian Seas. The Wyrmar had never been quick to rally behind a single leader before the arrival of the Salterri emissaries, believing each tribe could be led only by a tribe leader and that any who would seek to lead a greater number would invite only folly and death from not knowing the needs and names of the individuals within the tribes he led.

In fact, when the Imperium first came to Wyrmar they met with a tribe happy to accommodate them and listen to their words and make agreements, but they made agreements only for that tribe and when the Imperium returned to follow through on these deals with other tribes they were turned back fiercely and a band of Wyrmar tribes joined together in opposition to Imperium dealings. A small war was fought with the surprised Salterri and the Hulutahn of the Wyrmar saw the still young Imperium beaten but not defeated. As the Salterri retreated to lick their wounds the band of tribes who had opposed them came to revere the general who had led them in victory against the Salterri, believing him to be the physical embodiment of the Wyrm Below, carrying out the Wyrm's desires by keeping foreigners at bay and he came to be known as Wyrmsclaw. This reverence and adulation eventually led to the banding together of all the Wyrmar tribes beneath the banner of Wyrmsclaw.

The Salterri eventually returned, intent to bring the Wyrmar tribes who they still believed to be scattered tribes under their control but they met instead a unified people following an organized religion and revering a leader and land. This leader, the daughter of Wyrmsclaw, negotiated with the Salterri, allowing Wyrmar to maintain its independence as a Protectorate rather than as a province of the Salterri Imperium.

By the time of Xiu-hen Bai Lu the Wyrmar had integrated heavily with the culture of the Salterri Imperium, their line of leadership having been bonded with the Xiu line of the Salterri's own Silver Throne. When the prospect of joining the Caercian Consortium was brought before the Governor by his own Qzare Hanyeo, who had agreed to the exchange for Palas Caercia's discovery and colonization of Nan Hai Nian, he hardly batted an eye, trusting the wisdom of the Qzare to better the Imperium as a whole. Xiu-Hen Aru, Bai-Liu's daughter was married to Gaius Caercia and the land of Wyrmar was integrated into the Caercian Consortium and came to having a greater voice within the Imperium itself.

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