Pryonic Kingdom
Pryonia Crest
Regions Pryonia


Ruler Rogar Cardion (last known)
Player NPC (Arutha)
Abbreviation PRY
Capital Unknown
Status Defunct
Sovereignty Free State


The Pryonic lands were a theocratic hegemony with the Cardion clan in dominance. Herzog Cardion was the clan master in 330, and thus leader of all the Pryonic lands. He inherited the ashen crown fifteen years earlier in a bloody bid to take power from his mad brother. In the decade and a half since, he greatly reduced the power of the four clans, and bonded them into one great whole.

Royal FamilyEdit

Herzog Cardion was clan master in 330. He was a forgiving man in any are except for religion, although as long as you didn't actively blaspheme in front of him he wouldn't rip you into pieces with his bare hands, just be annoyed with you. He was a good man to have at your back.

Herzog had one son, Rogar, and a daughter, Bertra. Rogar was famous for his learning about the myths of The Lord of Fire. Bertra was born in 322. His wife died in 324, after seven years of marriage.