Queek van Troven
Nationality Sympolemou
Spouse None
Children None
Title None
House van Troven
Race Sympol
Mother Grendel
Father Duke Bloodfang
Born 325
Died 364
Cause of Death Murdered

Queek was the eldest son of Duke Bloodfang of Sympolemou. As heir apparent, he was Bloodfang's favourite child and the Duke doted on his young son. He was killed, along with his brother Krick, by Hrathanese assassins during a failed attempt on Bloodfang's life.[1]

After Queek's death, Bloodfang lost his already tenuous grip on sanity altogether. He resented his surviving son, Virmiscus, comparing him unfavourably to Queek, and attempted to kill him in a fit of rage.[2] Virmiscus survived with terrible injuries, became Ironfang, and overthrew the mad Duke, who remained consumed by his grief over Queek to the end.[3]


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