Quill are demihumans, apparently native to Tar. They have dark hair and skin tones ranging from chestnut brown to ebony. Most have brown, black or gray eyes, but one may occasionally find blue, green, red and even violet among them.


An artist's likeness of a typical Quill Subsisting for millennia from the rich ecosystem of the feral forest and wild sea, the Quill are tall-grown and lithe, with wiry limbs that grant them great speed and agility and an uncannily long life expectancy. Physical capability is prized. The dark side of this athletic culture is their persecution and ostracism of those born less physically capable. Deaf, blind, albinistic or "warped", that is physically handicapped, babies are drowned or left to die of exposure. Very few do survive to adulthood but will never attain more than mediocre standing in their culture, and so have been known to leave Tar and assimilate to more tolerant foreign regions. Men and women are treated equally, although there is an unsubstantiated social stereotype that men are more impulsive and women more calculating. According to Quill legend, they are descended from fey. They believe they had the ability to harness the energies of the world, but have lsot it over many generations. They possess a keen affinity for nature, and most of their names are nature related. Most Quill have a personal deity they particularly identify with, and will usually have their rune tattooed upon their palm, breastbone or another body part that can be seen while wearing clothes and paint. Painting the skin in elaborate patterns and designs expressing one's current personal journey is a revered part of Quill culture and foreigners who keep their skin blank are often mocked as heathens and "babies" who have not experienced anything meaningful enough yet to preserve its memories on their bodies. Paints are never permanent because they should change and shift with the person as they grow. These paints are of great spiritual significance as they signify a bond with nature and the elements. The Quill are also believed to share a common ancestry with the neighbouring Islanders, a claim investigated and documented by the Shamans of the Wild.

Religion Edit

The insular Quill have heard tales of the Lord of Fire but believe him to be a misinterpretation of Brazar, the nature spirit of volcanoes. They still primarily worship Atur, the nature spirit of sky and flight, as they believe the souls of dead Quill rise again as birds. According to legend the Nighthawk is etched with runes representing every single one of the nature spirits in existence, and second to Atur, they are all worshipped equally. 

With the founding of the Children of Kina, a vast majority of the Quill now follow that religion. Tattoos and personal markings are normal, however.

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