Qzare is the historic title of the ruler of the Imperium, dating back to the days of the Old Imperium in the far west.

At some point in the second century, Xiu Kirai, the first Qzare of the house of Xiu, established the Salterri Imperium in the Salterri Heartlands, and thereafter the Imperium became known as the Salterri Imperium.

The seat of the Qzare is traditionally known as the Silver Throne.

Early QzaresEdit

The title of Qzare is believed to date back to the founding of the Old Imperium in 550 BC of the common calendar. No details or names of Qzares prior to Xiu Kirai are however currently known.

House of XiuEdit

Name Lifespan From Until Notes
Xiu Kirai 111 - 210 2nd Century 210 First Qzare of the Salterri Imperium.
Xiu Burai 189 - 245 210 245 Son of Kirai. Known as "Bururusuai".
Xiu Gaoren 231 - 302 245 302 Son of Burai. Passed Huar Pangu's law making polygamy illegal.[1]
Xiu Tamo 274 - 319 302 319 Son of Gaoren.
Xiu Rendao 298 - 330 302 330 Elder son of Tamo. Died without male issue.
Xiu Raozhen 300 - 367 330 367 Younger son of Tamo.
Xiu Wandao 351 - 450 367 376 Elder son of Raozhen. Forfeited the crown when taken prisoner.
Xiu Hanyeo 356 - 420 376 c.381 Younger son of Raozhen. Returned crown to Wandao after his release.
Xiu Wandao 351 - 450 c.381 407 Second reign. Abdicated in 407.
Xiu Hanyeo 356 - 420 407 420 Second reign. Killed in battle during the Wars of the Mandate.

The reign of Hanyeo was followed by an interregnum during which two rival claimants to the Silver Throne emerged.

House of ZuidaEdit

The house of Zuida are now generally recognised as pretenders to the Imperial throne. See Wars of the Mandate.

Name Lifespan From Until Notes
Zuida Rongyao - 436 420 436 Son of the Chief Hierarch of the Priory of Ascension. Recognised only in territories held by the Priory.
Zuida Héping 426 - 436 Son of Zuida Rongyao. Fled to Bordeux in 434 and never held power.

House of LiEdit

Name Lifespan From Until Notes
Li Tailong 382 - 436 422 436 Legitimised son of Xiu Hanyeo. Not recognised by the Priory of Ascension.

Li Tianshi

425 - 436 480 Eldest daughter of Tailong. Reunited the Priory territories with the Imperium.
Li Gun Huang 435 - 480 518 Only son and youngest child of Tailong.
Li Shiren 452 - 518 Eldest son of Gun Huang.
Li Aarne 460 - c.541 Son of Gun Huang.

Subsidiary Titles and StyleEdit

The Qzare has amassed a large number of subsidiary titles, which are occasionally used in full. Usually however simply "Qzare" or "Qzare of the Salterri Imperium" is used.

The full style in the year 490 was:

"Lord Protector of the Salterri Imperium, Archduke of the United Salterri Peoples of the Teires, Chief Wayfinder of the Braîk, Stormlord of Pontensulae, Grand Hunter of the Pillars, Silver Sword of the Holy Land, Duke of East and West Malcordia, Baron of Xianszhi, Lord of Salcaster, Steward of Xianzhi Urbe;

Shield of the Stürmen, the Komola, the Braîk, the Wyrmar, the Jarrs, the Venns, the Akuul, the Kornandon, the Sylphids, the Kriïti, the Liusti, the Susi, the Helmi, the Maagi, the Sambli, the Zheisi, the A-pi, the Dwarves, the Kroi, the Graber, the Landerkunst, the Caercians, the Ritians, the Minotines, the Sterks, the Bjurns, the Shinan, the Jinsa, the Nixdarum, the Spriggans, the Blood Drinkers, the Celerese, the Bereginians, the Islanders, the Quill, the Frosten, the Tieflings, the Galomyrii, the Pono al a Ono, the Novranians, the Jomani and the Dún;

Favoured of Silver, Blessed by Light, Tamer of Fire, Warder of the Wyrm Below, Son of Champions, Father of a Thousand Nations, Smasher of the Stone Men, Uniter of Nations, Burner of a Hundred Mountains, Boiler of a Thousand Seas, Salter of Earth, Smith's Hammer of the Souls of a Legion of Gods".



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