Mormaer Razkai II
Title Mormaer of Razdis
Reign 365 - 396[1]
Predecessor Razkai I
Successor Vali the Archer
Spouse Grelod Earthsmite
Issue Vali of the Unbroken Line

Ali Burned-Eye

House Unbroken Line
Father Razkai I
Born 307
Died 396[2]


By his wife Grelod Earthsmite Razkai had twin sons:

  • Vali (b. 340), married Urgo of the Bangboom clan of Grmanhil and had issue; succeeded as Mormaer, known as Vali the Archer
  • Ali (b.340), known as "Burned-Eye", vanished without known issue.



Royal titles
Preceded by
Razkai I
Mormaer of Razdis
365 - 396
Succeeded by
Vali the Archer

Title last held by
Hindal Greybeard
Primarch of Sulvan's Fury
472 - 396

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