Region Number 165
Realm Banished Kingdom of Kelldria
Population 488,000
Resources True Fire
Religion Panshén (minority)

Region 165 is a region in the Banished Kingdom of Kelldria. It was discovered by Thalmann and Sharix explorers in the early sixth century and quickly conquered by the Sharix, although the native resource of "True Fire", the nature of which remains mysterious, prompted interest from further afield and the Imperial religion of Panshén gained a foothold in the region prior to its conquest.

During the temporary collapse of Sharix government control over the region was lost. Before it could be reclaimed, it was overrun by the armies of the Kell under Gregor Argulus

The Kell have maintained control over the region since, despite an attempt to conquer it by Telek'kra during the Eastern Kell Wars.

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