Region Number 146
Realm Great Sharixian Republic
Population 804,000
Imports Incense

Initial Scouting ReportEdit

Rough terrain, but not volcanic. Cold. Abundance of strange, new fruit. Locals call it a Loquat. Yellow-ish, orange-ish colour. Succulent, tangy flesh. Sweet smell and taste. Samples collected and sent.

The people are stoic and they seem to be human, but they are more pallid than most we have encountered. Some were willing to answer questions and seemed happy to do so. They are ruled by the “Morticians’ Order” which seems to remain in power due to their culture’s emphasis on “proper” funeral rites. Had a chance to observe three funerals, but could not identify any common rituals between the three. Due to the abundance of elaborate funerals, and their cultural importance, they have a dire need of Incense.

They seem to revere the dead themselves. Explains importance of funeral. Beliefs on why they should revere the dead differ, but some commonalities follow: direct intercession in mortal affairs, prophetic dreams, and general blessings. Some reacted negatively to questioning. Situation was handled.

Conquest advisable, but diplomatic solution seems equally plausible.”


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