King Rion Hazael Noth
Title King of Celero
Reign c.423-455
Predecessor Amalia Cordelia Noth
Successor Fastion Noth (as regent)
Spouse Fern Cascade
Issue Crown Prince Grant

Prince Fastion

Andus Fitzrion

House Noth
Mother Queen Amalia
Father Tansan Toranath
Born 373
Died 455
Cause of Death Assassinated
Religion Radurja

Rion was the son of Queen Amalia and succeeded her on the throne of Celero.


While Crown Prince he was famous as a womaniser and had a number of illegitimate children. Following his marriage to Fern Cascade, Fern made a point of locating many of his bastards and redistributing them; the most notable being Andus Fitzrion, who succeeded her father Opus Petrichor as ruler of AQUA.

He hosted the Second International Council in Propinlonge in 436, which was disrupted by Ridovo. He refused to leave the council chamber, but survived the explosion of the fireblossoms with a permanent loss of hearing. Over the following years he became increasingly concerned with securing marriages for his children, going so far as to forge letters from his son Fastion to eligible potential brides.

In 453 Rion was assassinated in his bed, the killer drawing a knife across his throat. His elder son Crown Prince Grant was killed in the same attack, leaving Fastion to act as regent. It was suspected Cree assassins were responsible.


By his wife Fern Cascade, Rion had at least two children:

  • Crown Prince Grant, assassinated 453. Had one daughter, Vera Amalia, who succeeded as Queen.
  • Sir Fastion, became regent for Vera Amalia.

He had a number of illegitimate children from earlier relationships, most notably:


Royal titles
Preceded by
Amalia Cordelia Noth
King of Celero
c.423 - 453

Title next held by
Vera Amalia Noth

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