Regions The Broken Enclave

The Coldwell

Titles Queen of the Broken Enclave

Queen of the Isles

Current Head Nui Roimata
Founded Unknown
Founder Unknown
Nationality Broken Enclave

Roimata is the ruling house of the Kingdom of the Broken Enclave, and now the united Kingdom of the Isles. They are believed by the Spriggans of the Broken Enclave to have been to be chosen by nature itself as a higher and more powerful folk. The family is the only bloodline both capable and compelled to subsist on the consumption of Star Nectar, and it affects them from an early age. Their skin and foliage is silvery, their eyes are luminescent orbs, and their stature is always tall and impressive. When they speak, they speak with power, and the population follows their commands unquestioningly.

Their castle is the Jade House,  one of the few landbound structures of the Broken Enclave, a sturdy building of basalt and jade sitting on a larger island near the Great Knot.[1]



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