The ruemel cloth is a long scarf, typically of silk, with weighted coins on the ends. It is a symbol of the Children of Kina faith, and most followers wear it. In the hands of the Deceiver cult, it is a deadly weapon of assassination by strangulation.

Within the Children of Kina mythology Kina is said to have used a ruemel to strangle the unwary demons she stalked in the early days of the universe. The faith encourages polychromatic scarves and strongly discourages single colors- black MOST strongly- as they are seen as unlucky. The Deceiver Cult often use monochromatic ruemels, with black being reserved for senior members of their sect.

Eldest Child Linden Flint wore a weathered checkered reumel of black and red during his tenure as Eldest which he gave to Lorisanth Varinel during a visit to the Isles of Birds at the Pink Tide Festival of 446 which the princess turned queen would continue to wear until her death and through her reign following her resurrection.

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