Empress Ryena Fireguard
Title Empress of Hurosha (Disputed)
Reign 471 -
Predecessor Wayve Earthguard
Successor Incumbent
Spouse Rove Earthguard

Joytis Ambere

Issue Unknown
House Fireguard
Born 415
Religion Ashmarism

Ryena was the first wife of Rove Earthguard and daughter-in-law of Emperor Wayve Earthguard.

Following the deposition of Wayve in 471 Rove was claimed to be unfit to inherit his father's title, having failed the tests of Prowess, and Shuzoku Nu Henkaku was invoked, allowing Ryena to claim the throne. She succeeded at the tests of Prowess, but her claim to the throne was immediately disputed by Wayve's eldest daughter, Kyria, who claimed Shuzoku No Henkaku had not been legally invoked, and asserted her own claim to the throne.

In 480 the dispute was settled at the Fourth Grand Ball. Ryena divorced Rove, establishing the Fireguard dynasty in its own right. Kyria surrendered her own claim as Empress.

Royal titles
Preceded by
Wayve Earthguard
Empress of Hurosha, Eienguard of Kasumor
471 - present
with Kyria Varinel (471 - 480 (Disputed))

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