Samhell "Black Sam" Bellami
Nationality Islander
Spouse Unknown
Children Samhell Bellami, Jr.
Race Islander
Born 320
Died 373
Cause of Death Disease
Religion Shamanism

Samhell Bellami was also known as “Black Sam”. He was one of "The Blue Monkey's" chiefs and a pirate raider of some renown. He was a vocal opponenet of Jonas Grumby and the formation of the nation of the Jeweled Cities. He was a villian and a despot, but he also had strong ties to the Shamans of the Wild. He believed richly bribing the spirits to assuage his guilty conscience. When Jonas was forced into the Council reforms of 350, he managed to get a seat on the Council. Later, he took over the governership of the city of Beryl in Tar. It is rumored he died of a sexually transmitted disease.

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