Samhell Bellami, Jr.
Nationality AQUA
Spouse None known
Children Andus Fitzrion (adopted)[1]
Title Councilman
House Bellami
Race Islander (presumed)
Father Samhell Bellami, Sr.
Born 353
Died 432[2]

Son of Samhell Senior, and known as Junior Black, he took his father’s place on the AQUA Senior Council when he took command of the City of Beryl. He was as cold, calculating and evil as his father was. A true pirate. Despite this, he too had strong ties to the Shamans, richly bribing the spirits to assuage his guilty conscience.[3]

He and his family are believed to have been responsible for the attempted murder of Evelyn Grant which led to her long self-imposed exile during the 350s.

He was an Islander with dark hair and dark eyes. He was injured early in his adult life, and walked with a cane for the rest of his life. His cane grew more ostentatious and bejeweled as his fortunes increased.



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