Second Raaneki Games
Host Royal Council of Raaneka
Year 362
Location Bandar and Sarab, Raaneka
Champion Anguri Adite
Previous First Raaneki Games
Next Third Raaneki Games

The Second Worldwide Raaneki Games were held in Bandar and Sarab in 362. Several new events were introduced for the occasion. They were remarkable for the abdication and departure of Lady Aditi and Lord Devdano of Raaneka at their conclusion.

The Lady and Lord advised the Raaneki to clothe themselves so as not to offend visiting foreigners, but made no demands. Perhaps two of every five Raaneki wore clothing.

The Raaneki swept the board, winning every event except the duel tournament. This was, however, the last time a Raaneki would win the Caragita.


Caragita: A contest in four parts: foot race, long jump, javelin throw, and wrestling. Prizes awarded for individual events. Prize for best overall is the highest honor of the Games.

Arts Contest: Any craft or display of art may be submitted. Prize awarded for finest skill and overall beauty.

Duel Tournament: Any blunted weapons may be used. Prize awarded to the overall champion.

Demonstration Events: Noncompetitive display of any cultural artifact (e.g. weapons styles, poetry, etc.).

Mass Melee: Party-based combat against all realms from other parties. Prize awarded to the last party standing.

Mock Naval Battle: Two forces of three ships face off in Bandar Harbor. Prize awarded to the overall champions.

Mounted Race: A race in three parts from Bandar to Sarab. Any landborne mount may be used. Prize awarded to the first to enter the gates of the city.

Ranged Tournament: Any ranged weapons may be used. Prize awarded to overall champion.

Demonstration events from any realm were also welcome. They served as an opportunity for a culture to show off their most prized feats in a noncompetitive atmosphere.

Event WinnersEdit

Caragita: Princess Anguri Adite, Raaneka

Arts Contest: Papa Raana, Raaneka, Berunda Monument

Duel Tournament: Trumbo Bashskull, Grmanhil

Mass Melee: Raaneka

Mounted Race: Prince Tikta Satato, Raaneka

Mock Naval Battle: Raaneka

Ranged Tournament: Raaneka