Ark-Class Ship, "The Second Wind"

The Second Wind is believed to be one of the largest ships in the world, modeled after an arcane design of unknown origin, found in Sah'raa.


The Second Wind was constructed during the final years of the reign of Doge Humperdink, based on designs found by his son, then-Prince Inigo, after their battle with the Sah'raan tribes.

It is unknown where the initial designs came from. While many have leapt on this as proof of the Gelder theory, it is more likely that it is just the most convenient design to move the largest number of people. The Second Wind was designed after the classic Ark blueprints discovered. These Arks were believed to be the pre-cataclysm escape transports for early Guilderenes, and some, such as the Mia Isabella survived for many years.

During the terrorism at the Caercian Coronation, AQUAn soldiers divebombed the Second Wind, which was a diplomatic vessel for Guilder at the time. This severely crippled the ship, but it was able to return to Maos under careful eye of its guard, and is still undergoing repairs.

Guilder sent the Second Wind as its lone diplomatic vessel to the Fifth Tellurian Games, causing some controversy, due to its size and possible endangerment of the Niskovian Canal. 


The Second Wind is an enormous vessel; over 400 feet long and nearly 75 wide, it is one of the largest single vessels in all of the world. At one point, hovercraft units were attached to the underside, in the attempt to create a land-travelling vehicle. These units, while technically still in place, are not believed to be operational without further study.

Later, following its destruction at the Caercian Coronation, the Second Wind was refitted and repaired. During this time, steam engines were added, as well as internal support. It was also comissioned as an official Guilderene combat vessel at that time. 

In the year 501, the new technology of cannons was added to its compliment. 

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