Lyradis Crest
Regions Lyradis


Titles Emperor of Dawn, King of Lyradis, Chieftain of Wenyavuk, Lord of Qarimos, Lord of Lyradis
Current Head Girard
Founded 240
Founder Aldric Serendel
Nationality Lyradissian

The Serendel family have been kings of Lyradis since the establishment of the new kingdom under Aldric in the early third century.[1]

A distinctive succession law operates in the Kingdom of Serendel, in which each son has equal claim for the crown. Instead of the eldest becoming the next in line, Gareth Serendel made the controversial decision that the most demonstrably capable should succeed him, so gave each of his three sons, Benjamin, Royce and Jain, responsibility over a region of Lyradis as a way of testing their suitability for the crown.

Due to this, all three princes have set upon bettering the kingdom, and in an interesting happening of events, the three brothers were more cooperative than competitive in many projects, while bettering their areas as they see fit in others. Meanwhile, their father oversaw international affairs and other things that affected the nation as a whole.[2]

In fact none of Gareth's sons succeeded him, and the throne was instead taken by his youngest child and only daughter, the Lady Lyra. Lyra was in turn succeeded by her nephew, Royce's son Liam, and he by Lyra's grandson Girard, who became the first Emperor of Dawn.



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