Shengdi Crest
Region Number 26
Realm Salterri Heartlands
Population 86,000
Resources Goats
Imports Metal
Religion Hailings of the Silver Sea, Animism
Shengdi, known as Cassia in some parts of the north, is peninsula and holy land of the Salterri on the western side of the Straits of Diyu.


The Skyrise Rock Formations are several chains of karst towers that can be found throughout Shengdi, but especially the more southwestern parts of the region. Many are covered in forest, though some parts are too steep or too dry and hard for anything to sprout on there beyond weeds.

The Red Beaches are large coastal fields of red grasses and reeds that can grow and be fed by salt water instead of fresh water. It is home to several unique species of birds, as well as some large crustaceans and molluscs.

The Mirror Fields is one of the reasons Shengdi is a holy land to the Salterri. They are salt flats that are distinctive because they are often covered by a thin layer of water, causing it to become incredibly reflective, as if it becomes a perfect, natural mirror.


The people are very similar to their Solusian neighbours, with olive-toned skin and darkened hair and eye colors. However, one notable difference is what appears to be similar to a mane around their neck. This mane, made up of short hair running around their neck and tapering off down their spine, silvers with age and is a status symbol among them.


A tradition lasting from since the natives first lived here, plentiful goats have led to a thriving shepherd population, with rivalries between tribes for the best goat. However, the region contains few minerals of any sort, needing imports of some form of metal.


The native people of Shengdi follow many of the same customs as their Solusian neighbours. However, one notable difference is the inclusion of the Angelic Summoning. Every year, a young woman is sacrificed to the Angel. To them, this represents the sacred covenant between themselves and the Angel. The sacrifice binds the giant beneath the earth for another year. While the Bordeusi colonists tried to stamp out this practice as barbaric and brutal, the Angel's High Priest succeeding in evading the colonist forces.

As a holy land of the Salterri many of the people also follow Hailings of the Silver Sea.

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