Silver Summit
Host Chief Hierarch Zanper Fidious

Patriarch Gloriosis

Year 418
Location Anaphorica, Salteire

The Silver Summit was a conference called by the Priory of Ascension in 418 to discuss matters relating to rule over the Salterri Imperium.


At the weddings of Alfmark and Atheldynn Jarrow in 415, Chief Hierarch Zanper Fidious of the Priory had confronted Qzare Xiu Hanyeo and requested his abdication. Hanyeo refused, and Fidious withdrew to Anaphorica to plan his next move. In 418 he sent invitations to the other members and vassals of the Imperium, requesting they attend a summit in Anaphorica to discuss the future of the Imperium.


The agenda as laid out by Fidious was as follows:

  • Explanations of the purpose of the Silver Summit
  • Ratification of the Imperium Charter
  • Selection of the new Qzare
  • Planning for war

The Summit was a disaster. The Heartlands, Wyrmar and Niemidaland sent no representatives at all. The new Imperium Charter, drawn up by Fidious and Gloriosis, was challenged by the other delegations, and many of the proposed changes queried and refused. Eventually Fidious agreed to make revisions to his version of the charter, although these fell some way short of what others wished for.

The Priory was unable to convince any of the other vassals of the need to replace the Qzare, and discussions broke down before selection of a new one could even be discussed. Edwyrd Jarrow, brother of King Athelmere, angrily accused Fidious of treason, while Palas Caercia, which had intended to support the Priory strategically prior to the Summit, instead sided with the loyalists. Mularuhm agreed to maintain a limited neutrality and supply the Priory with mithril arms, although it sent the same to the Heartlands army.


The Priory unilaterally declared that Hanyeo had lost the Silver Mandate, causing him to issue a warrant for Fidious's arrest. Supported by Caercian and Jarrow troops he marched into Salteire, where the Priory forces met him in battle, starting the Wars of the Mandate.


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