Simovyr Jarrow Divinorum
Nationality Sobridei
Spouse Unknown
Children Simovyr Jarrow Divinorum

Adylla Jarrow Divinorum
Vyllindrina Jarrow Divinorum

Title Triad of Fire
House Jarrow Divinorum
Race Human
Mother Adylla Jarrow
Father Brethar Divinorum
Born 500
Religion Panshén

Simovyr Jarrow Divinorum was an early Triad of Fire, a grandson of King Malyn the Good, and a leading figure in the church of Panshén and Lord of Fire worship in the fifth century.

At the first Ecumenical Council at Salcaster in 515 the structure of the Panshén church was decided, with significant input from King Malyn. At the Council it was agreed that the position of Triad of Fire should be reserved for Simovyr and his descendants provided one was of age, as descendants of the blessed houses of both Jarrow and Divinorum.

In the late 510s the young Simovyr was told by his grandfather the king to commence research into the construction of artifacts to further the cause of the faith. After calling upon the Imperium's divine patrons to favour him with a gift of knowledge he gained the abilities necessary to imbue artifacts with power, and further discovered that the dwarves of Mularuhm were also working on such a project. He collaborated with them in forging the Seven Swords of Seven Kings.

Soon afterwards he had triplets by an unknown mother, the second of whom, Adylla, was determined to be a candidate for the position of Avatar. Adylla was duly sent to the Temple to take up her duties if selected.

In 526 he became Triad of Fire, and one of the leading spiritual advisors to the throne of the Kingdom of the Carmine Sea.

Following the revelation of Ramzi Uta Simovyr was doubtful that the new doctrine of the Temple, which exalted Tzetultep, was true, and became convinced that the Temple had fallen under the influence of the Tzaltec. He preached caution in accepting the new word of the Temple, though his advice was not heard in Mularuhm and Palas Caercia, where the minorities still loyal to the Temple adopted the new creed. He and King Elwyn determined to travel to the Temple to discover the truth of the matter. Unbeknownst to Elwyn Simovyr also forged a letter purporting to be from Ramzi, inviting Nezetkhamun to attend.

At the Temple Simovyr questioned the two Avatars and Ramzi and was dissatisfied with their responses. He called upon the Lord to show his disfavour with the corruption of His Temple by striking down Nezetkhamun, and to the surprise of many Nezetkhamun was indeed consumed by a pillar of fire. Ramzi was badly burned in the blast, and his authority all but destroyed by the new revelation. With the power structures of the old Temple fallen into disrepair under Ramzi's tenure, Simovyr took up the effective position of First Brother as an interim measure.


By an unknown mother, Simovyr had three triplet children in 521:

  • Simovyr Jarrow Divinorum, had two sons by unknown mother:
    • Combulyn Jarrow Divinorum, b.550
    • Elwyr Jarrow Divinorum, b.555
  • Vellyndra Jarrow Divinorum, later had one daughter by unknown father
    • Arvaya Jarrow Divinorum, b.546
  • Adylla Jarrow Divinorum, later a Blazing Avatar candidate.

Religious titles
Preceded by
Ardal Tesh
Triad of Fire
526 -
Preceded by
Ramzi Uta
First Brother of the Blazing Temple

(de facto)
571 -


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