Skipper-General is the title held by later rulers of AQUA and, ultimately, the Seaborne Confederation.


The first ruler of the united Jewelled Cities, Jonas Grumby, unofficially held the title of King, though more formally, Regent. His daughter Amber, who succeeded him, took the title of Regina, though was also occasionally referred to as Queen.

Amber was also named Sagamore of Tar, succeeding Talon Char, with the united realm becoming known as AQUA. Amber was assassinated in 399 and her successors maintained these titles.

Following the death of Opus Petrichor in 436, the Council was persuaded to choose an outsider to succeed him, to help mend the rancour of preceding decades. They chose Andus Fitzrion, seeing the young man as malleable to their desires. Andus, however, was not the lamb they thought he was.  He was smart, and clever, and disarmingly handsome. He officially retired the titles Regent of the Jeweled Cities and Sagamore of Tar.  They were remnants of the old ways, he concluded. He formed his own title, Skipper-General. This was a throw-back to an old nickname for Jonas Grumby, their founder.

"Skipper-General" has remained the standard title for rulers of the Seaborne Confederation in subsequent decades.

House of FitzrionEdit

Name Lifespan From Until Notes
Andus Fitzrion 412 - 495 436 495 Stepson of Fern Cascade. Bastard son of King Rion of Celero.

House of Grant-Tremblor FitzrionEdit

Name Lifespan From Until Notes
Percy Grant-Tremblor Fitzrion 449 - 495 526 Son of Andus and Ginger Grant-Tremblor
Elizabeth Grant 526

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