The Skywall Mountains are a range which connects at their northmost extent to the Mountains of Discord.

Surrounding Pavonia on three sides, these steep and almost impassable peaks long isolated the Pavonian tribes from their neighbors. Within the cradle of the mountains, Pavonia is shaped like a giant turtle-soup tureen. The upper two-thirds to three-quarters of this region are one vast forest, with settlements and fields carved out by the labor of ten thousand axes. The inner section is mostly open fields, rich and fertile with all the nourishment and minerals the rivers bring downstream from the mountain and forest regions. At the lowest point of this bowl, all the rivers empty into the sea.[1]

The southeastern end of the Skywall Mountains lies in Frios and is known to the inhabitants as Altura. Its foothills are nourished by the rivers of glacial water carried down the great mountain. Old abandoned mines pockmark these slopes, and traces of sungbone architecture can be found thereon.[2]



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