Region Number 40
Realm Imperial Alydaxian Dominion
Population 93,000
Resources Olive oil, Glass
Imports Wood
Religion Pagan Animism
Solus is a coastal region bordering Alydaxis and dividing the Angel Bay from the Golden Sun Sea. It was first colonised by Bordeux but was later transferred to the Imperial Alydaxian Dominion.


Leilan Bay, a large, sheltered harbor on the southern peninsula, was the first major settlement and has led to a large growth in industry there. The Twisted Spires are a set of odd, warped stone pillars in the flatlands. The creation myths of the natives say that they are the twisted fingers of an ancient giant buried beneath the ground. While most settlers dismiss their claims, everyone who looks upon them has an odd sense of foreboding. Watchman's Peak is the lone mountain of Solus. It sits on a position overlooking Leilan Bay, and it earned its name when a group of native attacked the then new-found city; however, guards atop the mountain warned those below, and they repulsed the attack.


Most of the native people of Solus are short compared to Bordeusi; most only come out to 5'6". They typically have black hair and an olive-skinned complexion, though occasionally brown or even red hair is seen. The tribal structure they have used in the past has been consolidated into a special council, with one representative from the five major tribes, as well as the governor and a representative from the Bordeusi city on Leilan Bay.


On the flatlands of the southern shore, some of the tribes grow olive trees which have, traditionally, been made into olive oil. A more recent development, with the settlement of Bordeusi colonists, has led to a thriving glass industry to arise an the tip of the southern peninsula. However, the plains contain very few trees, so the colony must import wood to continue growth.


Most of the Bordeusi settlers are traditional animists, mixing well with the indeginous population, which practices a similar style of animism; they worship the spirits of nature, but there are two major, conflicting spirits: the giant Xiuhcoatl, He Who Is Death, and the angel Ihuicatl, The Light Bringer.

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