Sovereign Principality of Niskovia
Niskovia Flag
Regions Niskovia


Ruler Grand Prince Jehan de Sebastian of House Nisakovich
Player Kitsanth
Abbreviation SPN
Capital Kishinev, Niskovia
Status Great Kingdom
Sovereignty Free State
Ruling House Nisakovich
Liege -
Vassals Fera

The Sovereign Principality of Niskovia is the only known successor state to the legendary 'Western Fae Empire'. This former isolationist nation gained prominence in the 430's.

History Edit

'And Nissa stood upon the mountaintop, feeling the essence of the land laid out before him. He stood there unmoving for an entire day and an entire night until the coming of the dawn. And he knew then that this was the home he had seen in his vision.'

It is nigh impossible to place a date on the founding of Niskovia due to the inherent difficulties with reconciling the Niskovian calendar with that of Common Reckoning. Most scholars agree that the day described in legend occurred at least a millennia prior to the event known as the 'Cataclysm'.

Nissa ruled as the first High Prince of his people until he died of old age 34 years later. It was his wish that he be succeeded by his great great-grandson Zoran, as Nissa had decreed that a ruler must be adaptable and in his opinion none were more adaptable than the young.

After Nissa's death came the formalisation of Niskovia's 25 Noble Houses.

Unfortunately the destruction of the Kishinev's historical archives during the attempted coup of 164 resulted in the loss of much Niskan history. Thus details of events that occurred from the era of High Prince Zoran until the time of High Prince Atanas are either sketchy or hidden deep inside private collections.

Atanas was succeeded by High Prince Yesfir in the year 255.

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