Spriggans bear enough resemblance to humans that it is a question whether they were once human themselves, or if they were created as an imitation by some god. They are bipedal, typically between five and seven feet high, and possess many of the same organs as other humanoid races, but there are differences enough to make a case against either theory. They are lithe and springy, their flesh is fibrous, and their blood is a translucent sap-like substance. A Spriggan's skin is smooth, waxy, and cool as a plant, and is usually some shade of green. Atop their head is a bright arrangement of leaves and blossoms in a facsimile of hair, and their faces are fair-featured. Smooth orbs of dappled color form their eyes, possessing no iris or pupil. Spriggans photosynthesize and barely breathe, but they still must eat, albeit a reduced amount from a human of the same size. In addition, their bodies react poorly to dry climates and cold temperatures, and they must consume large amounts of water through their mouths or skin.

They appear to be native to the Broken Enclave, and are found in other island regions of the archipelago.

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