The Straits of Diyu are a geographical feature in the Salterri Imperium, where the Shengdi peninsula and the western tip of Penoccident are separated by a narrow stretch of water.

The Straits form the only natural means of passage between the Sea of the Golden Sun and the Hundred Seas and as such are strategically significant. Since the recovery of Shengdi by the Imperium, permission has been granted for a number of realms to trade through the straits, although warships are often prevented from passing.


Prior to 396, the Straits were contested between Bordeux and the Salterri Imperium.

In the 430s, the Straits were blockaded by the Imperium to prevent reinforcements from the Jomani Kralstvo and the southern Kingdom of the Silver Moon being brought to assist the Priory in the wars of the Mandate. Bordeusi troops were obliged to march to Crima before taking ship to Salteire.

Soon afterwards, Guilder smuggled troops through the Straits under the flags of trading ships so that they could participate in the defence of the Free Cities against Zuiguo. When this was discovered, it led to increased suspicion of Guilder in the Imperium and was one of the various grievances cited during deliberations over whether to enter the Sunset War in the 480s.

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