Sun-Quencher is a sword forged from an otherwise unknown adamantine alloy, and bearing runes for "soul" and "to sever", in addition to what is believed to be an old poem about birth and unity, written backwards.[1] It is best known for its use by Thamiel to slay the Blazing Avatar in 358.

Following the assassination the blade was recovered by Topiltzin of Gunung and taken to the Blazing Temple, where its runes were read by Chief Inquisitor Paco.[2] It was returned to Gunung thereafter, where it remained until 462 when it was stolen from the vaults.[3] The theft was investigated by agents from the Hurosha Empire, who tracked the sword down to a group of Jaaku Na cultists in the Black Woods of Pryonia. There the cultists thrust the sword into the Ice Heart, which in turn plunged Pryonia into a winter lasting several years.[4]


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