The Sword of the Qzares is an orichalcum blade traditionally carried by the Qzare of the Salterri Imperium. Since the methods of working orichalcum reliably have only recently been rediscovered, the Sword is believed to date back to the Old Imperium.

The Sword was carried by Qzare Xiu Hanyeo in battle and lost along with his body. It was believed to have been interred with him in Salteire, but the claimant Qzare Zuida Rongyao was later seen wearing it. At the Second International Council, Rongyao gave the sword to his rival, Hanyeo's son, Li Tailong before pushing him from a window. Tailong survived the fall, but had been mortally wounded previously. Rongyao was also killed immediately afterwards by Ridovo the Crazed.

Inigo of Guilder took the sword from Tailong's body and took it back with him to Guilder. He was subsequently captured while fighting in the far west, but had left the sword with his heir Vizini. Vizini later returned it to Tailong's daughter Qzarina Li Tianshi at her coronation in 442.