Guildmaster Syf Jaranda
Nationality Unknown
Spouse Unknown
Children Unknown
Title Guildmaster of the Oldest Guild
Race Human
Religion Radurja

Syf was Guildmaster of the Oldest Guild (the Assassins' Guild) in Woodwind in 400.

By her time in office the Guild was mostly used for reconnaissance work and occasional small jobs for Triumvirate governors: work she considered "small-time with small-time pay". She accepted the offer of a contract on Tupelo Cornus, as a worthwhile opportunity for a high-profile target. There was also a degree of professional pride at stake, since Tupelo was himself considered an assassin in some quarters.[1] Reportedly she was prepared to waive the usual payment for Queen Anguri of Raaneka for personal reasons, although in the event Anguri died before they could meet.[2]

She took a leading role in organising the expedition to eliminate Tupelo, along with her protegé Dagr, although remained in Solus while the main group continued to Tar. She allowed Dagr to take the earldom proffered as reward for Tupelo's death, trusting him to remain faithful to the Guild while in Vennland.



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