The Sympol people are lanky ratmen, native to Sympolemou. Their mouths are lined with razor sharp fangs, with deadly claws for hands, swift paws for feet, and snouts for noses. Their fur color comes in different shades of brown, red, black, and white. The only part of their body not furred is their pink tails, which are capable of basic manipulation. Amongst their kind, brown furred are the most common, with black furred being the strongest, red furred being the swiftest, and white furred being the wisest. As a result many of the warriors are drafted amongst the brown- and black-furred Sympol, while any duties related to their ancestor spirit religion is delegated to white-furred Sympol. There is very little difference between male and female Sympol, save that the Females are more sinuous and due to their wartime ideologies are generally put into reproductive roles, unless they are recruited into being a warrior.

The Sympol are a violent, veteran, and vicious people. They have grown to be more then willing to defend what is theirs and to fight nonstop for what they believe in. Their environment has shaped them into the bloody weapon they are today. A constant pervading threat of the very land around them potentially lashing out has made them distrustful of things they do not know or comprehend, making them slow to trust. However, this has also instilled a great sense of brotherhood, honor, and community amongst them as they all learn from a young age to watch each others back. Social hierarchy is an important concept amongst them, as without chains of command and order, the Sympol people would have died out long ago.

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