Region Number 116
Realm Frost Kingdom of Maur
Population 615,000
Resources Marbled Foxes, Basilisks

Taloqi is a region in the Frost Kingdom of Maur.


The Paqoi are the people who inhabit the land of Taloqi. They are the descendants of Qinai who wandered too far from their land and discovered the native peoples within. The Qinai bred with the Paqoi, and generations later have completely forgotten of their true heritage.


The Marbled Fox is a common creature in the forests of Taloqi. Their furs are of pure white and quite resilient, hence their name. Possessing a significant amount of the furs would show the pure wealth of a person, as they are quite valued among the Paqoi and they do not give them away cheaply.

Another unique property of the Marbled Fox is the oils that are secreted in a certain gland inside the Fox itself, which have surprising medicinal properties that the Paqoi have used for generations to aid in their wounds.

The Basilisks of Taloqi are both feared and respected as the terror-inducing beasts that they are. They are incredibly thick and long snakes whose gaze temporarily paralyzes its foes. They are also particularly known for both their poison glands and the thick horned spikes that grow out along their spine. They are cunning creatures who will do anything to trick their foes, sometimes even playing with their prey before consuming them utterly.

The horned spikes are known to be incredibly tough, and have been known to be shaped into fierce weapons by the Paqoi, such as daggers or even makeshift bows.

The poison that secretes the glands in the mouth of a Basilisk is known to cause horrible hallucinations for days before the victim's body simply gives in to a most gruesome and painful death.


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