King Tansan II, the Great
Title King of Ashenia, Prince of Eseda, Prince of Kyaralath, Castellan of Adrakand, Castellan of Misakand, Lord of Lacertia and Lord of the Anvale
Reign c.416 - 454
Predecessor Shenath Toranath
Successor Kellan III
Spouse Kirana Pedran
Issue Salline Toranath

Zhela Toranath
Hazael Toranath
Asrana Toranath
Lazarul Toranath

House Toranath
Mother Serafina Idal
Father Shenath Toranath
Born 374
Died 454

Tansan Toranath is the elder son of King Shenath the Just. Prior to his ascending the throne, he spent much of his life in study and led many expeditions to more remote regions of the realm to document exotic plants and animals.

Tall for an Ashenite, he stands at 187 centimetres and the same deep blue eyes of his father. He has a keen mind and he spent much time honing it, thus surprising many with his skill with a blade. While more religious than most of his relations, he nevertheless distances this from his rule knowing that it is not the place of the sovereign to interfere in such matters. A progressive ruler, he holds open court more often than tradition requires and conferences with his council more than his predecessors.

Royal titles
Preceded by
Shenath the Just
King of Ashenia &c.
c.416 - 454
Succeeded by
Kellan III

Title last held by
Gunung Aitah II
Lord of Intepeuh
450 - 454

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