Tarcbjorn Veszijjal
Nationality Sycian
Spouse Married twice, names unknown
Children Two elder sons (predeceased)

Three daughters[1]

Race Frosten Berapi
Died 401
Cause of Death Lung infection

A bird flutters in the wind,
Its wings split the spring breeze,
The spirit of the glacier moans,
A new night begins, in silver glory,
Princess of the three moons

~ Excerpt from A Star-Cold Child by Tarcbjorn Veszijjal 

Tarcbjorn was a Sycian poet and playwright in the later fourth century, who made his name with a comedic play about the history of Yphine and Irfrin, which ended with them settling down on a banana farm.[2] During the late 370s he fell quiet, due to lack of inspiration, but several more works were to follow after 380.[3] Other works of his included:

Southern Sensibilities, a trilogy. The first part details the war of two factions, the Knights of Pain and the Salt-Skimmers, and the subsequent capture of the leader of the Salt-Skimmers, the trials of his imprisonment and eventual rescue by a giant, after which the two factions make peace.

The second is about a man whose hubris leads him to declare himself stronger than gods, which ends up with his city burning to the ground. He is saved by Syivine, a woman with green wings who throws snow over the city to douse the flames, but he decides to take his own life as redemption by setting himself on fire.

The third tells a story typical of Tarcbjorn: one of love and misunderstandings, as five people meet at a masked ball and dance and court each other, falling in love and chasing after the wrong people. It has a happy ending in that three of them eventually end up together—a girl who becomes a fae queen being one of them—one gets stuck in a horse-sized bottle of wine and one marries a goat.

A Summer's Day, the first play to be performed in the Felitora theatre.[4]

Journey into the Depths and The Northernmost Cold, a double feature.[5]

A play of unknown title, about the marriage of royal twins to the younger twin of a pair who becomes king, then has to choose between the two, who begin to impersonate one another in an attempt to win his heart. In the third act he discovers his elder twin brother again and both twins marry. They would live happily ever after, at least until the sequel. This story was inspired by the arranged marriage of Kuramkesh to Encir, daughter of King Hroar of Glazfell, though the happy ending was not borne out in truth, since Kuramkesh later killed Encir and sent her head to her father.[6]



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