Tehewen Ges was a Radurja Watafiti (Seeker) who studied the Islander culture in the mid 300s. His second letter is recorded here:

The Second letter of Seeker Tehwan Ges to Mosi II, 352 common year.

It has been a decade now amongst the Islanders. My woman reminded me that I was supposed to write more often. So I am.

They consider me a cousin now. I do like it here. Living is easy and simple. I fish. I gather other food, I go to the stream to get water. A few hours at most. Many Islanders make their living diving and spear-fishing. Extra food is traded for small gems and precious beads. I now understand why they wear their wealth as jewelry. It keeps it from falling out of your pockets when swimming.

I’ve come to understand their religion. It is more profound than it appears. It is all about death. Death is everywhere. They cling to anything that is life. Women are revered as life givers. They pass their names to the children, not the father. 

They are non-violent because they live in a violent world. The water is violent- sharks, poison spinefish, riptides. The air is violent- hurricanes and storms. The ground is violent- a massive active volcano is one of their main islands. A common expression here is “There are a thousands ways to die today.”  And they mean it.  They do not pray to the spirits of earth, air, water, and fire. They respect them. They leave gifts so they will be left alone.

Their culture is deep. Yes, they do steal. But it is out of scarcity, not greed. It is out of necessity, not avarice. You worry about your friends, not your stuff. Wealth is shown by what you give, not what you have. It is why they are often seen as promiscuous. They give their very bodies to others as a sign of friendship. They see their spirit as different than their body. Spirits bind two people together forever. Devotion. Bodies are conveyances. 

A recent change is that there are people called Quill here. From the continent, a region called Tar. They have similar beliefs to the Islanders. The Quill say birds carry the spirits of the dead. This is proving popular here.

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