The Tellurian Games, formerly the Raaneki Games, is an event held traditionally once every fifteen years.

The Games have an ancient history in Raaneka but were first made available to worldwide competition in 347. The five following Games were all held in Raaneka, after which they were given as a gift to the world to be hosted by whosoever wished.

The Games are traditionally held once every fifteen years. After 500, the schedule has slipped to once every twenty years, due to war or administrative problems.

The title of Games Champion is awarded to the winner of the caragita at each event.

Raaneki GamesEdit

Games Year Notes
First Games 347 First Games to have competitors from outside the crown lands of Raaneka.
Second Games 362 Aditi and Devdan abdicated during the Games.
Third Games 377
Fourth Games 392 First games to have participants from the Salterri Imperium. Champion retrospectively disqualified.
Fifth Games 407
Sixth Games 422
Games Year Host Location Notes
First Games 437 Triumvirate Amber Stadium, Grizzland Poorly attended due to the Wars of the Mandate.
Second Games 452 Alfmark Jarrow Soikeia Stadia, Farridon
Third Games 467 Li Tianshi Fengui Stadia, Pontensulae
Fourth Games 482 Sucheta Ambere Kindred Stadia, Raaneka First time the Games had returned to Raaneka.
Fifth Games 502 Jehan Nisakovich Cassaana, Kaspiyskiya Delayed due to the Sunset War.
Sixth Games 522 Gialmo Mesintos Academy of Culture and Prowess, Kasumor Scheduled to be held in Crima, delayed due to administrative difficulties.

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