Thalmann Legacy
Rathenal Crest
Regions Rathenal (former)
Ruler King Akonis Thalmann (last independent)
Player NPC (Randolf)
Abbreviation THA
Capital Kayetek
Status Merged with Niemida Prefecture
Abolished 545
Sovereignty Independent (bef. 540); Vassal (545 onwards)
Government Monarchy
Ruling House Thalmann
Liege Sobrida (540 onwards)

The Thalmann Legacy was a small independent kingdom on the coast of the Dappled Sea.


The kingdom became known to the world during the reign of King Rythex, a descendant of the possibly legendary hero Thalmann, who is recorded as the founder of the kingdom. During Rythex's reign the small kingdom clashed repeatedly with its larger and more powerful neighbour Valasharix, which was seeking to acquire the kingdom as part of its proposed route for the Red Canal.

Rythex sought foreign allies to stave off Sharix aggression and formed agreements with the Salterri Imperium and Kingdom of the Carmine Sea. Support from the powerful empire helped to secure the kingdom's borders and discourage the Sharix from taking military action against it, though the Legacy still struggled to expand.

Although Rythex had more than fifteen legitimate children by three wives, only seven survived to adulthood. The deaths of his heir apparent Nyerik in 519 was cause for some concern, but the real problems arose ten years later when Prince Vathek and Princess Gaskin died in close succession in 528 and 529. By that stage the king, now into his late seventies, was increasingly incapable, and it was not clear which of his grandchildren was to survive him.

A power struggle ensued between the numerous descendants of the king, both immediately before and after his death. Eventually Princess Celwyrr, widow of Vathek, managed to secure her position on behalf of her son Akonis, though the prince's late birth led many to question whether Vathek really was his father. Celwyrr appealed to her relatives in Sobrida, and the Legacy joined the eastern Imperium.

Akonis was soon betrothed to the prefect of Niemida, uniting the two eastern prefectures in a single kingdom, known thereafter as the Niemida Legacy.

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