Try as one might to uncover all mysteries and secrets, more shall always take their place.

Thirgel is the An Náduri deity of the arcane.

An Náduri MythologyEdit

One of the other entities who formed of the energies released during the creation of plants and animals was Thirgel. Unlike Fanael however, Thirgel grew to become a deity long before the First Age. Thirgel also did not seem to bear a strong connection to plants or animals, though what they were connected to was unclear until the near the end of the Second Age when strange happenings began around Thirgel.

Wherever Thirgel went, many things changed; some for better and some for worse. There didn't seem to be rhyme or reason to it until the first living beings began utilising something which the universe had never seen before. When the first beings tapped into what is now known as magic, everything changed. Some changed for the better, like many of the Elder races, while others became twisted shadows of their former selves or died out completely. There did not seem to be any patterns to this occurrence nor was anyone able to stop it. This time is known as the birth of magic and left a permanent scar on all that it touched.

Shortly afterwards, wherever Thirgel went it seemed magic settled and stabilised though it remained relatively unpredictable. It took hundreds of years before Thirgel had visited everywhere and the Deity never once bestowed their secrets to anyone, even fellow deities. Eventually it was discovered that those who delve deeply into magic for largely selfish reasons suffered a fate worse than death.

Furthermore, magic seemed to react and behave as though it had a conscience though it has never proven to be more than a force or energy. Due to this, benevolent magics are safer though more difficult to perform. No magic is safe, though it seems Thirgel has made it their task to protect those who would seek to uncover the mysteries of the world and ensure that more will always take their place.

Tumeland PaganismEdit

The Salaparani of Tumeland worship a deity with similarities to Thirgel, known as Tyrkell, and it is believed likely they are the same entity.


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