The Thirteen Swords are renegade members of the Jaaku Na cult.


In light of massive purges of their members, and the repeated defeats of Ridovo, the cult of Jaaku Na began suffering intense internal division, even in spite of their deep indoctrination. In the year 467, thirteen members of the Hijiri station within the church began to question the logic of slavishly obeying any supreme ruler at all in the struggle against tyranny.

The Oshoku-Sābanto who attempted to reprimand them was ritually murdered by the thirteen and those caught in their sway. They performed a corrupted version of the rite of Hason upon each other based on what they tortured out of their former superior. After that they disappeared.

A year later, an unsettling poem could be heard spreading wherever the Jaanku Na ever had a presence. Meanwhile, 13 terrorists, each with their own style of madness and modes of operation emerged to wreak havoc at random throughout the nations of the world.

They all held only one thing in common. They each called themselves, “The Thirteenth Sword of Oshoku”.

The Thirteen SwordsEdit

Few Swords go by their given name. Most operate under an obvious alias with some symbolic meaning. Each Sword preaches a different doctrine, a wildly distinct interpretation of Jaaku Na. The only thing common to all of them is that they aren't hypocrites. They can't help but practice what they preach, and a Sword's “Truth” is largely indistinguishable from their own personality.

There are in fact in all likelihood more than thirteen Swords: that each Sword claims the title of Thirteenth makes their true numbers all but impossible to determine.

Known SwordsEdit

The Friend to All
Captain Dreadlove
Lover's Lament
The Martyr
The Ascendant
The Changer
Prowess Incarnate


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