Region Number P8
Realm Kingdom of Calorum
Population 25,000
Resources Blue Fire, White Flax, Wood
Imports Wood
Religion Lord of Fire


Much of the region is dominated by the Plains of Rising Fire, a large and surprisingly warm and lush plain filed with strange white grass that makes the rising temperature the only way to tell the imminent change in climate from a distance and the many cracks in the grounds from which puffs of blue fire rise. Nine people in ten of the population lives on these plains.

Daughter of Fire, Mother of the Sky, is a large and lone mountain in the centre of the Plains of Rising Fire. Blue fire constantly rises from its peak, but only during the day, and it is around this peak that the regional capital, Tlecuahuitl, was built.


Berapi colonists live in Tlecuahuitl and farmsteads in the plain surrounding it. The colder regions contain some the indigenous humans. Berapi and hybrids of both people can also be found everywhere.


The most important resource in the region is the Blue Fire found on the plains. This “fire”, while looking exactly as it sounds, in fact seems to be a kind of very warm very light gas that only appears to be burning. Native berapi trap it in large bags and use it as decoration, a source of warmth... and in balloons for their children.

White Flax grows on the Plains of Rising Fire. Its fibres have a great variety of uses as all kinds of cloth and rope. Wood is the resource the region needs most, as the climate does not allow trees to grow and the soil in the Rising Fire region is not suitable for tree growth, although smaller plants appear unaffected.


The people follow the Lord of Fire in much the same way as Gunung, although there are some local customs related to the blue fire. Specifically they believe that the blue fire is what gives the sky its colour, a belief which seems to be spreading.

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