House of Toranath
Ashenia Crest
Regions Ashenia

Angan Anvale

Titles King of Ashenia

Prince of Eseda
Prince of Kyaralath
Prince of Ascalaine
Castellan of Adrakand
Castellan of Misakand
Lord of Lacertia
Lord of the Anvale
Lord of Intepeuh and Miaralan

Current Head King Hazael IV
Founded bef. 50
Founder Unknown
Nationality Ashene
Cadet Branches Jarrow-Toranath

Caercia-Toranath Serendel

House Toranath has been the ruling family of Ashenia since the first century. Following the destruction of the old capital at Redrisakand and the extinction of the former royal family during the Cataclysm, House Toranath rose to power over the following fifty years through diplomacy, wisdom and honourable dealings.[1] The family may well be much older than this, possibly dating back to the third century before the Cataclysm.



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