Treaty of Everlasting Friendship
Current Members Kingdom of the Carmine Sea

Kingdom of Mularuhm

Agreed 381
Founding Members Kingdom of Mularuhm

Protectorate of Jarrland

Status In force (renewed 452)

The Treaty of Everlasting Friendship is an alliance and mutual recognition of land rights first agreed at the Second Grand Ball in 381 between the then Kingdom of the Jarrs (a Salterri protectorate) and the neighbouring Kingdom of Mularuhm. In 452 it was extended to include the Nix, who had recently established diplomatic contact.

Updated Version (452)Edit

Text forthcoming

Original Version (381)Edit

This treaty is an agreement of mutual defence, recognition of land rights and trade of key resources.

By joint decree of the High King of Mularuhm and the King of the Jarrs with relation to the lands to the east and south of the Discordian Mountains:

  • The rights, privileges and obligations of the Salterri Imperium with relation to its protectorates and vassalages in this territory are hereby affirmed;
  • At such a time as the Salterri Imperium is unable to fulfil its obligations towards the inhabitants of its protectorates and vassalages, or otherwise forfeits its claim upon them, and with immediate effect regarding such lands and such lands as are not rightfully subject to the Salterri Imperium;
  • The land and sea lit by the sun, or upon which trees grow, shall be rightfully subject to the King of the Jarrs and his heirs in perpetuity with the exception of that territory needed to provide access to subterranean realms;
  • All territories beneath the soil shall be rightfully subject to the High King of Mularuhm and his heirs in perpetuity with the exception of mines and quarries agreed between sovereigns.

The King of the Jarrs and the High King of Mularuhm hereby proclaim an everlasting friendship between their crowns and peoples to be upheld by their heirs in perpetuity:

  • The King of the Jarrs undertakes to supply Mularuhm with timber so long as forests continue to grow in Jarrland;
  • All persons of peaceable intent subject to either crown may travel freely in either realm under royal protection;
  • Each crown undertakes to assist in bringing to justice any of its subjects found to have violated the peace or laws of its neighbour;
  • The King of the Jarrs and the High King of Mularuhm shall not fail to come to the aid of one another in the event of invasion or encroachment by hostile forces;
  • In the event that the King or family of the King of either realm is driven from his lands, the other shall provide him and his heirs with amnesty until he can reclaim his just rights and inheritances or otherwise indefinitely.

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