Tumberink Grumby
Nationality AQUA
Spouse Huang Pei-Mei
Children Dominique Grumby

Emmanuel Grumby
Philip Grumby

House Grumby
Race Islander
Mother Unknown
Father Jonas Grumby
Born c.380
Died 476
Cause of Death Shipwreck

Tumberink was the son of Jonas Grumby, believed to have been sired during his travels after leaving Paco. The identity of his mother is unknown but is believed to have been a woman from either Guilder or Grizzland. After his father's death he was brought to the Jewelled Cities by Marius Earthguard and Giorno Fiassa, arriving during the 50th Anniversary Party.

He survived the purge of the Grant family in AQUA conducted by Tupelo Cornus in 399 and later became one of the founding figures of the Free Alliance of Trading Ships.

He married Huang Pei Mei, a notorious Salterri pirate. They had three children- twins Dominique and Emmanual, and a younger son Philip. He died in a freak hurricane in 476 along with a number of other members of his family.[1]



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