Within Tumeland, religion is largely divided along tribal, and therefore class, lines. The Salaparani maintain their own, secretive spirits whose nature appears to be tied up in the Guild itself, and details are not revealed lightly to outsiders. Acceptance of these spirits is a prerequisite for entrance into the Guild and provides another barrier to entry for elves of lower station who are not familiar with them. What can be ascertained about the Salaparani spirits suggests that they are associated with darkness, knowledge and quickness of mind and body.


Those who journey to the sacred city of Ersetelletara will discover there are six principal deities worshipped by the Salaparani (and other elves of status). These are:

  • Tyrkell, deity of the Arcane
  • Vautka, god of the Arts
  • Kyllaen, deity of cunning
  • Ethyllwn, goddess of the elves
  • Valkuseta, goddess of the Salaparani
  • Kynnaea, goddess of the darkness

Entry to the temples of Tyrkell, Valkuseta and Kynnaea is prohibited to non-Salaparani.

The remainder of the elves generally tend towards animism. While sun worship is almost universal to an extent, each tribe retains a degree of its own religious tendencies, the Liusti recognising spirits of the ice and snow, while “our Precious Lady” is a common subject of worship among the Zheisi.

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