Tupelo Cornus
Title Regent of the Jewelled Cities

Sagamore of Tar

Reign 399-403/4
Predecessor Amber Grant
Successor Opus Petrichor
Spouse None known
Issue None known
Born 350, Tar
Died c.404
Cause of Death Assassinated
Religion Children of Kina

Tupelo Cornus was a highly controversial ruler over AQUA, whose rule began through a violent coup d'état.

Early lifeEdit

Born in 350, deformed in the woods of Tar, he somehow escaped an early death as was habitual for deformed Quill of the time. He had tough, bark-like skin and glowing golden eyes. He soon earned the nickname of "Freak", which he was to retain for the rest of his life. He was a capable warrior and formidable athlete, who was named Champion of the Fourth Raaneki Games after his caragita victory.

Political careerEdit

In AQUA he began building a power base among Quill hardliners, most notably the Deceiver sect. By the early 390s he had contrived a seat for himself and his friend and ally Opus Petrichor on the Senior Council, with support from Samhell Bellami Jr, who sought allies against Regina Amber and the Grants.

In 399 he and his followers launched a coup, having Amber assassinated along with her sister Evelyn and ally Indigo Summers, together with a number of their friends and family members. The remaining members of the Council quickly sided with Tupelo, while the surviving members of the Grant family fled into exile, and he was immediately proclaimed Regent and Sagamor.

The international reaction was one of outrage. Amber's childhood friend Queen Anguri of Raaneka attempted to push her kingdom into war against Tupelo's regime but was unable to persuade the council of the necessity. She was later killed defacing the statue of Tupleo in Sarab, and his name was struck off the list of Games Champions in perpetuity. Amber's son-in-law Athelmere of Jarrland placed a bounty on Tupelo's head.

Undeterred, Tupelo attempted to secure recognition for his government as legitimate and began to spread his faith in the regions of AQUA, delivering a notable sermon which was widely reprinted and marks the first major public exposure of the faith later known as the Children of Kina.


In around 402 - 404, Tupelo was himself assassinated in turn by a group of assassins and adventurers led by Dagr of Hrathan-Tuor and including Marrik Sunder and Inigo of Guilder, although the precise details have never come to light.[1]


Tupelo's death plunged AQUA into civil war, with Opus Petrichor eventually emerging as leader. A number of governments, most notably Raaneka and the Crown of Jarrow, never recognised Opus's government and Tupelo's coup remained a major international controversy for decades. A reconciliation between the Kingdom of the Carmine Sea, the Grant family, and AQUA was eventually reached after Opus's death in 436.

The Children of Kina founded by Tupelo was widely spread during and following Opus's tenure, becoming the majority religion in the Faedas Freehold as well as gaining footholds in the south of the western continent and Celero.



Political offices
Preceded by
Amber Grant
Regent of the Jewelled Cities

Civil War
Title next held by
Opus Petrichor
Sagamore of Tar

Civil War
Title next held by
Opus Petrichor
Awards and achievements
Preceded by
Casca "Cascade" Pitch
Raaneki Games Champion
Succeeded by
Xiu Tailong

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