The Tuvaak are a nomadic group which first came to international attention in Selyra in the 490s.

Region Number N-32
People Tuvaak
Player XIII
Liege Empire of Dawn
Population 32,000
Race/Species Orcs, various
Resources Landstriders (Tuttukpak)

Sugar-cane liquor

Imports Unknown
Religion "The Truth"


Long ago, the Tuvaak were part of a different peoples. Originally of the Clanships, they splintered off under the philosophy of bettering the mind and body above pursuing peace with others. They preferred isolation from civilization and other tribes, hunting great beasts to prove their might. They sought to be spiritual philosopher-warriors longing to find the biggest and baddest thing with fangs and claws to put down or dominate for honor and glory. Physical strength as well as mental discipline are paramount to the Tuuvak. Enduring the elements, dominating, breeding and slaying beasts, and keeping out of the affairs of the world at large were all the people cared for as long as they can remember. Since the schism, their numbers have grown exponentially. They accepted all humanoids into their tribe as long as they proved themselves worthy. Now, world is changing, becoming smaller, and word has reached the people of a dragon king; a kill that would send any Tuvaak into legend. They cannot and will not stay isolated any longer. The Tuvaak seek to make their strength and honor known and to move about mother earth without molestation. They will not abide a kingdom lead by a monster.


Landstriders (Tuttukpak) are the main domesticated animal, used as horses are. The Landstriders are gentle but very protective creatures. They are very tall reaching up to a height of at least 20 feet tall for the adults and the offspring at least a height of 10 feet tall. They are designed to run as fast due to their long legs. They have tooth-like projections running down the caudal side of their upper forelimbs that are used for defense. They have thick whisker-like projections on their faces, and some strange projections that resemble rabbit ears that appear to be extensions of the scapula. When the Landstriders come into battle they have an appendage-like stinger that comes out of their mouth. When they duel with their enemy, they let the stinger come out. When the creatures whip their head and send their stingers flying they send a jolt of electricity through their enemy wherever they sting them. They also use their long weapon-like legs to push or hit enemies.


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